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About Us

Our mission with Give Life A Chance, our CAT10ENT Radio platforms as well as our network of social media presence is to Inspire, motivate and Inform as well as bring Awareness to Suicide Prevention, mental health issues and help people in need of finding resources that are available in their community. Our vision with our Give Life A Chance Motivational Tour, with the help from sponsors and supporters, is to create memorable events with the #1 goal in mind to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. We also would like to use our radio/social media platforms to create ads and promotion opportunities for companies that are looking to advertise and even sponsor us. We are continuously expanding our vision in places like the USA BMX community through our great connections in that industry, which enables us to further promote for companies that help fund our cause. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! We have created several options for those interested in supporting us whether it be through advertising their company/events or those looking to sponsor us. We will make it our goal to represent any advertisers or sponsors with the highest level of prestige and integrity. With a free consultation, which would enable us to meet all of your business’s advertising goals.

Our Story

Hurricane Main 

Hi I'm Tremain Johnson a.k.a Hurricane Main. I'm the founder and Ceo of Cat.10Ent. Radio and host of The Hurricane Main Show on Cat.10Ent. Radio which just one of the subsidiaries of Category 10 Entertainment. Our station is rapidly growing in listener volume as well as other radio shows and team members. We currently have more than a dozen hard working members on our immediate team as well as other outside supporters. Another subsidiary of ours is our Give Life A Chance organization that has been designed to bring awareness to suicide prevention and mental health. Give Life A Chance was created in the wake of the tragic death by suicide of my young cousin Chance. Give Life A Chance is honored to be an active member of the Newton/Rockdale County Suicide Prevention Coalition and acts as a resource center to lead people in the right direction for receiving help with mental health issues and concerns. I also have over 30 years of Bmx bycycle racing experience in which I competed on a professional level throughout the 90's and 2000's. I've made a name for myself statewide/nationally in this sport, I continue to compete and maintain my life long connections to this day. I'm a motivational public speaker also, and one thing that I always tell people is that, "You never know where what your doing today will lead you in life". Bmx has lead me to where I am today and has been a great foundation for the person that I've become. This year Cat.10Ent. Radio is a proud sponsor of the Alcovy High School athletic teams. Many connections and relationships have been established throughout my great journey in life. I continue to grow those connections by now offering a radio platform for other influencers to rent time slots to promote their business or cause. Join our mailing list and grow with us as members of Category 10 Entertainment. Thank you and God bless! 

Meet The Team

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